[11 Jul 2004|02:49pm]

“OW! OW! OW! NOT SO HARD!” Yahiko screamed as it felt like Kaoru was going to pull his ear off his head. “NO! Of course I didn’t go there!” He lied. “What kind of person do you think I am!” He shot Kenshin a quick ‘I can’t believe you told’ look before trying to free his ear from Kaoru. “STOP CALLING ME A KID UGLY!” He spat as he rubbed his swore ear.
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[11 Jul 2004|11:14am]

Okita had been about to extinguish the lamp in his room when Saitou reappeared, silently and with the wolf-like predator atmosphere hanging around him as it did with all of the miburo when blood was near. Okita smiled and lowered his eyes, giving his head a small nod.
“I’m afraid so.” He said. “Your wife is just down the hall. Or did you forget how much noise I made last night?” He wanted to give Saitou a small pout, but decided against childishness.

He reached up and pulled the tie from his hair, letting it fall down around his neck and shoulders. He walked over towards Saitou, smiling the distinct smile he gave when he was killing or anticipating a good fight.

“But, maybe I can think of something small to do to satisfy you..” he said dropping to his knees before Saitou, kissing his stomach, and letting his hands slide up along the man’s thighs.
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[11 Jul 2004|03:19am]

aw shit sano said, grabbing his nose as the door slammed. what a fucker. he groaned and wiped the blood from his nose off and left. shit. shit. he hated that guy. he figured hed see okita sometime tomarrow, and that fucker, well hed let him have a piece of his mind when he hadnt had so much to drink. shit that guy was an asshole when he drank.
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[11 Jul 2004|03:16am]

kaoru spotted yahiko sneaking by and shouted at him. DID YOU GO TO THAT SIN CITY? she cried, grabbing yahiko by the ear and pulling him closer. She inspected his clothes and his hair, made sure none were ruffled. She turned back to kenshin and did the same. WHY DID YOU TAKE A CHILD TO THAT PLACE!!? she screamed. Her eyes went red. AND YOU. YOU HAD NO BUSINESS THERE YOURSELF. oh that sanosuke, he was gonna get it so bad when he came in. She knew he was behind it.
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[11 Jul 2004|04:01am]

Saitou had been snaking his hand up okita's leg, ready and fully meaning to have his way with the boy, in his wife's house or not, when he heard a strange thumping sound. He groaned and sat up, and told okita goodnight before he got himself into trouble;

He walked out and the sound, being faint, was still annoying. He grabbed his katana and headed to the front door, but on a glance outside saw it was only sanosuke. He sneered. "what the fuck are you doing at my house at this time of night?" he asked an a vulgar rude tone, not putting his katana away.

Fighter for hire grinned though, and seemed drunk, or sleepy, or something offkey. oversexed? yeah, if anyone had scored at shimabara it was him, despite his lack of money. The guy mentioned drinking and saitou sneered again.

"Did it ever occur to you I have a job I have to be at tomarrow? or that I have a wife who is asleep?", his thumb twitched and pushed the katana from it's sheath, just an inch. Sanosuke just grinned, and then asked if okita could come out and play.

Not sure what the hell that was supposed to mean, hajime grabbed him by the front of his shirt and slammed his face into the front of his door. Sanosuke cried out and hajime hushed him with a threat. Thinking better of it though, saitou slammed his face into the door one more time, threw him backwards, and shut it, walking off to bed. "idiot.." he muttered.

He casually removed his shirt as he walked down the hall to his room, and unbuttoned his pants, they were too tight. He grinned and slid okita's door opened one more time, and pouted at him. "are you sure I have to go to bed so dissatisfied?" he asked coyly, leaning against the doorframe.
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[11 Jul 2004|01:54am]

darnit.. sano thought.

hed run outa money, but gotten his good times. Now it was late and he was walking home in the rain. All his lousy friends deserting him like that. he kicked the dirt. whyd noone else ever wanna have fun? he didnt wanna go back to his shack, or to kaorus, she was bound to be pissy. he went over to saitos house, thinking of okita there and figurin maybe the guys were still up and wanted to drink. the lights were all off, so he started tapping on the windows, whispering both their names. he didnt have a job to worry about being to inthe morning, or a family to be woken up. sure, he was pretty okay. man those girls though, he whistled out loud. class act. finally ole saito opened the door, he looked pissed but that wasnt nothing new.
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[11 Jul 2004|03:20am]

Okita laughed at Saitou and looked over at him, feeling better now that the weight of gloominess had been lifted, the rift their argument had caused, seemingly closed. Or at least bridged.
“You’re clearly drunk beyond all rational thought.” He said. He didn't think Saitou would ever consent to being on the receiving end of another man...

“Ask me again when you’re sober and I’ll show you I can be manish.”

He was still smiling, amused at the turn of conversation when he looked up at the ceiling again. “Your wife is waiting for you. You shouldn’t keep her.”

It was going to be hard. Okita didn’t care about people knowing, but it would also cause Tokio pain to know. He didn’t want to do that, liking the woman. He was sure that the physical aspect of the relationship between them would have to end now that he was staying in Saitou’s home. Tokio didn’t deserve to have her husband seduced to another’s bed while in her own house.
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[11 Jul 2004|12:17am]

Hajime sighed and touched okitas lips, pulling the bottom down a bit and kissing it softly. "ah yes, not a child.. why, to think of the times you'd saved my life, id be ashamed if you were one.. but.." he lowered his voice, almost regretting how strongly of sake he must smell. "you havent made love to me like a man.." he grinned and rolled off of okita and onto his back and stared up. "Maybe not tonight, im sure you've had a full day of making love to women, hai?" he felt jealous for a moment but shrugged it off. Ah, with his wife down the hall, and thens ouji in the room next to his, how would he ever, ever sleep.

A man who knows how to torture himself.
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[11 Jul 2004|12:53am]

“I’m not going to die here.” Okita said softly from his spot on the ground. “I promise you.”

He glanced away from Saitou, looking at a spot on the wall. “I don’t mind if you want to look after me…” he continued after a moment. “But I’m not a child. Hijikata treats me like one and I hate it… he’s never let me grow up. The others follow his example then... I can fight and kill but I can never really be a man to them. I’ll always be a child. They always give me candy when they want me to cooperate…never just because I like it.”

He sighed and turned to look at Saitou. He hadn't moved or made any attempt to move out from under the man and was watching him intently.

“You’re the only one who didn’t. Who didn’t try to buy me with sweets and expected nothing except that I’d be the perfect Shinsengumi…”
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[10 Jul 2004|04:40pm]

"ah if you dont, hn sama?" he asked, digging his knees onto okitas arms harder. He thought about being rough with okita for a moment, but he stopped. the boy looked pale beneath him, and despite the fact hajime was still angry about his going to shimbara, he sighed heavily and dropped the bag next to okita. He slouched there on top of him and looked away. "Im sorry, okita-dono.." he whispered. "I dont like you being with loose women just because I tried to take care of you..though." he finished. He reached up and massaged his own neck for a moment. He felt so worn out from all of this, almost defeated.

He leaned back over and burried his face into okita's neck, letting his knees fall off of the boys arms. He sighed. "If you cant take care of yourself, isnt it nice to let someone else?.." he paused and rubbed his closed eyes against soujis shoulder. "If you want to die so fast, then fine.. but dont do it here..."
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[10 Jul 2004|10:44am]

Okita stared at Saitou, pinning him down in his bed, holding the bag of medicine. He was drunk and wet and frowning at him. He wouldn’t fight with Saitou over the medicine he’d decided, hating how their argument had made him feel. If something so little would make the man happy, he wouldn’t fight so much.

"You will take this every day in your tea".

Although Okita had decided he wouldn’t fight the issue if it came up, he raised an eyebrow at the man. “And if I don’t?” he asked. “How will you force me to?”

That hadn’t been right. He had wanted to welcome Saitou home and maybe apologize for earlier. He’d gotten upset over something stupid and had been feeling guilty. He really didn’t mean to be impertinent like this…
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[09 Jul 2004|10:45pm]

He left the bar. Ah, the kid hadnt taken him seriously and had kept on, had gotten himself pushed away hard enough to make him cuss at the drunk old policeman. Ah, Saitou burried his hands in his pockets. What did he care. When he got near his home, he scowled. tokio was outisde in the wet, waiting. He sighed. He'd had his coat slung over his shoulder and she took it from him, blushing slightly from the white, tight wet shirt he had on, but was too worried and upset to blush long. She asked him why he smelled like sake so much, lately. He was depressed enough, did he really have to deal with this? He asked her to please go to bed, and that he'd be in soon and tell her about his evening. She informed him okita was in, down the hall, and bowed, tending to turn off the home lanterns, except for the main room, and walked away, probably hurt at his shortness. Always hurt. Always something. he was too much a man of few words for all these emotions and hurt feelings. he felt like he was drowning in them from all sides.

He rubbed his face wearily and took off his shoes. he should have done that outisde, but he wasn't thinking right, and tokio knew better than to repromand him. His hair in his face, he lit a new cigarette. Ah, tokio had asked him not to do such a filthy thing inside, but he didn't care right now. Why couldn't he feel settled?

He decided it was because he'd been waiting on okita all this time. He was so used to being the one who others came to. But they were both very stubborn, very proud.

he knocked his head against the wall a few times, blowing a long trail of smoke out in exasperation.

Finally, he resolved to stand and walk down to okitas room. he knocked once and opened the door without wait, finding the boy laying down, eyes open. He began to sit up in some uncomfortable unexpected greeting, but hajime quickly came in, shut the door, and pushed his shoulders back down to the matts. He straddled okita, his knees pinning the boys arms down. Had he really wanted to move them, he could have, but it wouldnt have been easy. Having this done he reached into his pocket and pulled out a small bag.

"While you were playing with girls in shimabara, I got this. It's medicine. I am not hijikata.." he lowered his face down to okitas , an inch or so away so his hair all fell over souji, and whispered. "I am not going to bribe you into taking this. I am telling you, you will." He stared hard, not smiling. "You will take this every day in your tea".
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[09 Jul 2004|11:29pm]

Yahiko left Sano in the arms of the women wanting to get home before the rain. He was almost there when the rain began to pour. Yahiko gave a shout and was about to run inside when he heard something. “Oroooo.” Yahiko gulped. “Ugly sure sounds upset.” He looked side to side and began to tiptoe towards the back. “I’ll just slip in unnoticed and avoid the wrath of Kaoru!!” He snickered to himself. “Sorry Kenshin but you’re on your own!”
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[09 Jul 2004|10:51pm]

Okita was damp and uncomfortable when he arrived at Saitou’s home, surprised to find Tokio waiting outside, lantern in hand. She seemed as confused as he was, but b eat him to questions. “My husband… isn’t with you?” she asked, after commenting on the late hour.
Okita gave her a surprised look and shook his head. “I left him at the police station this afternoon… I went out to lunch and haven’t seen him. I assumed he’d be home earlier than this. Does he work this late?” he asked, rather surprised.
She shook her head and they both frowned. Tokio shook it off a bit and then moved to let him into the gate with a weak smile. “I’m sorry. You must be chilled. Come in and have some tea. You’re supposed to be watching your health, and being out in the damp wont do you any good. I have a room ready for you and some dry clothes you can sleep in.”

He stepped across the threshold and then stopped. “I’m sorry Tokio-san.”
She looked at him, puzzled, but he smiled and shook his head. “For being an imposition of course.”
She laughed and waved a hand at him. “It isn’t. You’re close to my husband. We’re honoured you’d stay with us.”

She was lying and they both knew it, but courtesy and rules of engagement kept them from speaking their minds. Even without Saitou to enforce it, she kept her position of the good wife and pretended it didn’t hurt to have him here. He followed her in, and set his bundle of belongings down. She excused herself, saying she’d go find him tea and he could warm up and change clothes, and if Okita wanted a game of cards before bed she would be waiting up for her husband.
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[09 Jul 2004|09:20pm]

he got home just as it was getting dark, right before all that rain. He smiled at kaoru whod been sitting by the door. She stood, glad to see him but said she was worried about them, and asked where the other two were. He sweated and stopped. -well.. see.. sano wanted lunch.. and so you know.. okita was feeling down and ..uh..- he paused. -shin..- her eyes got large and she growled. DONT TELL ME WHAT I THINK YOURE GOING TO SAY! she yelled at him. His eyes rolled back in his head and he fell over. orooooo.
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[09 Jul 2004|04:01pm]

Hajime picked his head up and sighed as he grabbed the bottle of sake and drank from it without pouring any out. The kid across from him laughed. He asked if saitou was fun when he drank. He scowled and sighed and looked off, sticking a new cigarette in his mouth, glancing up at the small drops of rain still falling. The guy kept rubbing his foot up saitous leg and he couldnt help but get hard, but not for him. eh. Maybe he's go over to shima huh, maybe get the girl who smelled like souji and close his eyes. He'd want her blood though, not her. He stood up. He was too angry and too drunk to be sitting here anymore. The kid stood with him, and whorishly pushed close and smiled. saitou blew smoke in his face and pushed him away.Dropping more coins on the table and beginning to leave. This kid though, he didnt know when to stop. he grabbed hajimes hand. Ah he wanted to cut this person. "dont touch me again" he muttered.
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[09 Jul 2004|02:32pm]

Sanosuke did a frown, pulling away from his girl, and grabbing okitas hand he pulled him on back down. you're leaving too!? oh man, you guys are no fun, he scowled. ole kenshin is whipped like a puppy, and you, why, youre just sad over shitface he accused with a smirk. He leaned over and gave okita a kiss on his lips. He'd never done that sorta thing with a guy, no way. Well, him and kenshin had played around. He heard a girl giggle and he smiled and broke it off. Yeah, he just wanted to try it. well i gots gambling money so im staying! he exclaimed. But he fished saitos money outa his pocket and handed it to okita. i dont want that guy to come looking for it or nothing. He winked to okita and returned to roll around with his girl. why cant you have softer lips like okita?? he joked with her, they both died in laughter.
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[09 Jul 2004|11:36am]

Yahiko was mildly amused. Yes the company was fun enough and seeing Kenshin run out from the room he had been dragged into was funny but yet he felt this was beneath him. Was this how a proud samurai suppose to act? A girl came up and he gave her a little cash. This was also wasting all the money he had saved up to buy his own Sakabato someday but as the girl kissed him that thought melted away.
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[09 Jul 2004|08:59am]

Okita sighed and leaned into the girl kissing him, attempting to loosen up. But then he smiled at her, offered a coin before standing up and stepping out into the garden, stretching out his arms trying to shake off being depressed. Maybe he should pay for a girl... just to get himself out of his funk. But he really couldn’t find the desire for that. He was moody and he was doomed to stay that way.

He had been surprised when Kenshin had gone off his. He hadn’t seemed the type. But then again, Kenshin was an odd little man and who knew what happened to someone when they gave up killing. They must get strange urges.

It wasn’t as late as he had wanted it to be, when he told Sano he was going to head home, hinting that he should as well, before the girls expected them to pay more.
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[09 Jul 2004|06:28am]

"neh" saitou muttered, getting quite intoxicated. The boy from the corner had come to sit with him, one, two, three drinks ago? eh.. he glanced off. The guy was making small talk and chatting and eh. He could only think of souji. The guys hand went over his and he smiled warmly, asking if he could have the cops name. saitou waved a hand for more sake. he really wanted to black out so he didnt have to hear this kid flirt with him anymore. the kid reached over and grabbed one of his arms and oooed at his muscles, and saitou jerked his arm away and tried standing. Only couldnt. yarg. he laid his head down and prayed to buddha this kid would just vanish. he felt fingers in his hair and got very sad. Whyd souji need those stupid women. He felt very pissed off all of a sudden. Too drunk to move but pissed off as hell. He was just trying to take care of him. Arghhh. He sat his head up and stared across at the guy. blarg. he put it back down, waiting on more sake.
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