[20 Jul 2004|04:23pm]

Kenshin obviously didn’t want to talk about the letter so Yahiko didn’t say anything else about it. He wasn’t sure where the three of them were going at the moment so he hung more towards the back allowing Kenshin and Kaoru to walk side by side. “So now where to?” He voiced out at last hoping for some kind of answer.
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[15 Jul 2004|09:05pm]

Okita smiled at Saitou before taking another sip of the tea. It was downright foul, even with the touch of sweetness..

“It’s horrible.” He said, giving Saitou a smirk.

But he had told Saitou he’d drink the stuff, so he was.
There just wasn’t enough candy in the world to make up for the horridness of it. It was also a waste of the candy. “But if it makes me feel better, I’ll suffer through it”

He suffered down more of the tea and then reached for the bag of candy, not really able to put off the desire for sweets any longer.

“I’d love to go see a play. Do you think it’ll be ok, being out of bed?I don’t want to get sick again and make more work for Tokio…”

In truth, he really just didn’t want to collapse in public like he had today. It was bad enough he’d been dragged to his bed by a woman; how embarrassing would it be to be seen in public like that?
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[15 Jul 2004|01:56am]

"there's a play tonight in town, I think if you are feeling up to it we'll go, okay?" he said , dodging the question. He stood and began rummaging around the things megumi had left, and went into the kitchen, fetching some apple and orange slices for okita, along with new tea. He brought the little tray with the things back to souji's side and kneeled down, mixing the hot tea with some of the powder. "this should help".. he offered. Okita grimaced at the bitterness of the medicine in it, and saitou thought, biting one of his gloved fingers softly.

He took the bag of candy and dug out a few of the softer pieces, little candies that had faces painted on them, and dropped them in to dissolve. He shrugged. "cant be any worse, at least..".

As souji sipped the strange combination, saitou leaned over and kissed his cheek softly, causing the boy to pull the cup away from his lips and glance at saitou with larger eyes. Hajime smiled and licked the tea off his lips and thought. "not so bad with candy.." eh, souji made him act silly.

He pulled away. "well, ive got to go back to work i suppose, when tokio returns.."
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[14 Jul 2004|10:45pm]

sanosuke huffed and waited around outside old saitos house while the others walked off. Talk of megumi coming over interested him. When she was finally all done he went running after her, noting saitos wife had tagged along. He smiled.
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sanosuke huffed and waited around outside old saitos house while the others walked off. Talk of megumi coming over interested him. When she was finally all done he went running after her, noting saitos wife had tagged along. He smiled. <iLill escort you ladies</i>. Megumi gave him an eyeroll but he smiled all the same, asking about okita. her face got sad. man, what a mood killer.
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[14 Jul 2004|06:44pm]

Okita had watched Megumi, Saitou and Tokio conference after the woman’s examination. Part of him wished they had said whatever it was within earshot, but none of the doctors he’d seen had ever addressed him. He supposed it woudln't have mattered if they had, since he was being cared for by Megumi, and the less explaining the woman had to do the easier her job was. But he was still curious. Neither Megumi nor Tokio looked happy, and there was a stillness about Saitou.
The women left but not before Saitou walked away from them. Well, at least that was constant...

Saitou smiled when he sat down, declaring he would be fine.

“Well, I knew there was nothing to worry about.” Okita said softly. “But what are you hiding? You have a shifty…shiftier look about you.”

There was something about the way Saitou was playing with his clothes, an unease about him that made Souji curious and suspicious.
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[14 Jul 2004|01:30pm]

Saitou opened his eyes as megumi was walking away, taking tokio with her. He blinked several times and sat up, glancing over to okita who was sitting propped up, looking better and awake. Saitou gave a half smile and touched soujis hand lightly before getting up and walking to the two to talk. Megumi's face was hard. "has he seen a doctor before now?" she asked. Saitou paused, then spoke in a low tone. "yes, the shinsen has issued several to see him. We all know his condition, I only brought you here to make sure he was okay..." he voice went lower... "for now..".

Megumi's eyes averted to the side of the room. "for now.." she assured. They all stood silently for a moment before megumi went to her bag and pulled out a few things, instructing tokio on what to give him and when. She turned once to saitou, though they never got along, giving him a smile. "you need to keep him off his feet... maybe before he could walk more freely, but.. he cant now..it would.." saitou stopped her by walking off. He knew all of this.

He instead returned to okita's side and sat down, offering a smile. "youre fine.." he murmured. "so next time dont go passing out over nothing, alright?"

Tokio took her leave to walk megumi back home, and saitou pushed his fingers against the hem of his uniform jacket, not really sure what to say to souji, not really sure if he wanted to look at him. He played with a few loose strands of thread.
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[14 Jul 2004|07:25am]

Okita had fallen back asleep after Saitou had thrown everyone out He hadn’t really minded their presence, but the quiet was nice, as was the quiet sound of Saitou’s breathing beside him.
He woke, still weary and weak when Tokio returned with the doctor, both of the smiling. He sat up, mindful of Saitou beside him, not wanting to wake the man. He needed to rest. Lately he hadn’t been, and Okita felt guilty about that.

His throat hurt, but he’d been coughing at fewer intervals and less violently than he had been earlier.
He sighed, disliking doctors generally and had been avoiding them since Hijikata had started to fuss.

Megumi examined him, looking quite serious and professional. None of her earlier playfulness from the drinking party. He didn’t like the crease in her forehead.
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[13 Jul 2004|09:09pm]

a smile popped on kenshins face, embarrassed as he tucked the letter away. It was from his master hiko, but he didnt want to say so. If kaoru found out shed get jealous and suspicious. He shrugged and brushed his hand in yahikos hair. Turned to sano and frowned. -you shouldnt have thumped okita, even if you were playing, that you should not have-
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[13 Jul 2004|06:10pm]

Yahiko felt very upset about being kicked out by Saito but he could forgive him this time. “Way to go idiot.” Yahiko mumbled to Sano. “Why did you have to be such a jerk?” He was worried about Okita but it seemed like Saito was taking good care of him… weird… Saito being nice… sort of… “Hey Kenshin,” He said trying to clear his thoughts “what’s that letter about?”
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[13 Jul 2004|12:26am]

saitou frowned. he didn't want to start this, not with okita being sick right here. He glanced down at his cigarettes .. oh for the love of.. must be strong for okita.. must be strong for okita.. He grimaced. That wasn't working. He yelled for everyone to get th ehell out of his house, right now.he watched kenshin comply, and yahiko, kaoru looked put off and sano still had his fucking finger pointed in the cops face. He grabbed it and bent it back until sano was on his knees. One more little push and it would *snap*. Ug he threw it back towards sano's face and told him to get the hell away, putting his attention back to okita. he heard kenshin call that they'd be in town most of the afternoon if souji felt better and they wanted to join. he groaned and moved okita over, sliding down beside him and closing his eyes, an arm draped loosly around him in case tokio came home, it wouldnt be too close. Ah, he hadnt slept in days. His eyes felt so heavy.
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[12 Jul 2004|10:55pm]

sanosuke got up off the gorund. now he knew there was a sick guy in the room, but hed just about had enough of this shit from saito. He grabbed the pack of cigarettes in his jacket pocket and threw them on the ground, and stomped on them, he stomped them good. Then he pointed a finger in saitos face and told him, he goes , look asshole, if you touch my nose again, youre gonna eat fist.
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[12 Jul 2004|09:02pm]

he had followed the others here. he felt out of place and didnt think they should have come, but kaoru seemed determined to watch okita, even if she hadnt known him all that long.sanosuke and saito were having some sort of ongoing fight, and he sighed and sat down near kaoru who was at okitas side. -megumi should- he was cut off by saito who said megumi was already being fetched. he nodded and smiled to okita. he pulled out a letter a boy had delivered to him earlier andbegan to read it.
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[12 Jul 2004|06:47pm]

Saitou bowed his head and asked tokio to go fetch megumi. She smiled and nodded, exiting out, handing the tea to saitou. "ah, okitasan.." he muttered, setting it down for a moment as he pulled okita softly so that his head rested in saitou's lap. He got another cool cloth from the bucket tokio had brought and wiped okita's face down with it. Okita had a fever and was warm, but shivered a bit at the same time.

Saitou took hold of a small bag of medicine from his pocket, opened it and dumped it into his tea, bringing it to okita's lips softly and smiling down at him.

before long, he glanced towards the way of the front door, call it a sixth sense..in busted sano. He heard the others scold him on not knocking first, but he laughed it off and trooped in, saitous teeth gritted at the clunking, clumsy steps pounding down the hall to the room. He poked his face in, with made saitou laugh a little at the bandages,then the rest of the flock bleetingly moved in behind him.

They all crowded in, kaoru running to okita's side and tending to him. Saitou didn't let her pull him away form his lap though, he kept a warm arm around him loosly.

Sano peeked in closer, leaning over and tapping on okitas forehead. "you awake, huh?" he asked with a grin. Saitou rolled his eyes and brought the back of his hand smashing into sanos nose again. The kid cried out and fell over. "idiot.."
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[12 Jul 2004|07:17pm]

Okita couldn’t say he was sad when Tokio excused herself, after getting him into bed and waiting for him to eat a few mouthfuls of food. Like Saitou she had a forcefulness about her, but one that came because of quiet patience. Even tho he’d thanked her and said he didn’t feel like eating, she had simply sat there, waiting, until he did, just to make her stop. Once he’d eaten he laid back into his futon, not believing how weak he felt, or how hot it was. It shouldn’t be that warm in the middle of the afternoon. He probably had a fever. He alternated between coughing and laying on the futon staring up at the ceiling, or in a fragile, fitful fevered sleep.

Saitou’s voice woke him although he didn’t quite hear the man’s words. He did see Saitou lift a somewhat large bag of candy. He started laughing, mostly at the irony. The one time he wished the man was offering him that horrible, stupid medicine; it was candy. But he gave Saitou as much of a smile as he could manage. “Saitou-san is forever spoiling me.” He said softly, although hit hurt to talk and his voice was half gone. “We’ll eat it together when I feel better.” He said, closing his eyes, fighting to keep himself awake.
The damp cloth on his forehead helped and he shook his head slightly, although it sent the world spinning around him. The tea burned down his throat bringing some welcome relief, although he half choked on the first few sips.

“I’m already feeling better than I was.” He said, trying to be cheerful, not really answering the question regarding Megumi, but being considerate to Tokio who had been tending to him all morning. He managed to laugh a bit and smiled at Saitou. “Maybe I shouldn’t have argued with you about the medicine so much. It helps.”
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[12 Jul 2004|01:47am]

Kaoru had given yahiko and kenshin her thoughts last night, but today she was ready to give it to sano. he came in, saying they should all go check on okita. Shed been planning on doing it anyway, and had preparred some food and special green tea for him. She piled it into sanos arms after giving him and awful look, shed deal with him later. the others all followed, and they began to ask abou this messed up face.
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[12 Jul 2004|02:24am]

Sanosuke was still gettin the dirt outa his bandages when he was making his way to the police station, ready to give saito some serious hell. But he saw tokio runnin in so he stopped, and saito was followin her soon. He thought, and seein saito buy candy, he was sure it was to do with okita. He ran back to kaorus and told her n kenshin and yahiko that they should all go over to saitos and make sure okita was okay. The others asked what happened to his face and he growled
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[11 Jul 2004|10:44pm]

Saitou wasn't amused, and he wasnt bashful. naked or not, he ran after sano. He caught up eaily, and jumped on his back. Sano began to ..sort of.. well.. scream, as saitou was naked on top of him. "Hey, Ive got you in a nice situation, huh?" he asked, snatching his clothes from sano and burying his face into the dirt. Sano screamed again, his broken nose no doubt hurting as it smashed down into the ground. Saitou pushed it harder, then scooped dirt into his hand and shoveled it into sano's mouth. "You are a child, someone should have taught you how to behave long ago.." he muttered, standing up naked to the world and walking back to the spring to re-wash, having gotten dirty. Had he his sword at the time, he would have cut the irritating rooster.

He wasn't at work long before Tokio was rushing into his office. He stood due to the way she rushed in, and tried to calm her down. She explained okita was very sick, and coughing blood. She blamed herself for not being there all morning to watch over him. Saitou bowed and kissed her cheek, thankful to have someone so attentive look after okita.

He made leave, though he knew souji was ill like this often. He stopped at a candy store, though unsure of what candy okitasan liked, so he asked for a little of everything, and groaned at the pound of candy in this huge sack that he had to carry home.

With tokio behind him, he walked into okitas room and smiled, not wanting to dwell on why he was here or that okita looked flushed and was barely moving. He sat and leaned against the wall soujis head was near. "I broke sano's nose last night.. and today I made him eat dirt.. you would have laughed.." he said, okitas eyelids weakly open as he watched him.

"hey!" he said, lifting the pounds of candy above souji and setting it to his side. "just because you like it.." the humor in his voice died out, and he brushed a wet cloth over soujis forehead.

He kept his heand there on soujis face. "would you like me to call megumichan?".. he asked softly. Tokio took to his other side, lifting his head and helping him drink more medicined-tea. She gave a sad look to hajime.
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[11 Jul 2004|11:47pm]

Okita went to bed slightly confused, but fell asleep quickly, sleeping comfortably, but with a wetness to his breathing that grew worse throughout the night.. Painful coughing woke him in the early hours of the morning. Before the birds woke and called the sun, but still morning.
He struggled, trying to breathe and trying to quiet the fit that was wracking his body. The sleeve of his kimono served as a handkerchief to catch the blood from his mouth. He eventually collapsed, eyes glazed over and single-mindedly sucking in breath as best he could, pain stabbing through his chest with each laboured breath. He eventually blacked out, waking again only when the sun had risen high into the sky. He’d slept much later than he normally did.
Okita got up, fighting vertigo as he frowned at the blood on his sleeve. His chest still hurt, and his breathing still troubled.
Tokio had left him food out, gone for her morning chores and about her day. He ate a bit, remembering to mix in some of the medicine Saitou had left in his room. It helped with the stabbing pain in his chest, and he found it a bit easier to breathe by the time he had given up trying to eat something and cleaning up as best he could.

Although he didn’t quite feel like practicing, he’d been neglecting his sword for a while and went out into the inner yard, working through the basic of the Tennen style, before the dizziness caught him again and he slumped down, staring at the ground bitterly. He’d just started to get up when he coughed and choked on a mouthful of blood. He was spitting it to the ground when he heard Tokio call out his name with distress and come running towards him.

“Okita-san! We need to get you back inside!” she said, sliding an arm around his waist and hauling him up as best she could. They were similar in size, but with her help they made it back to the main room of the house, where she flew about, getting water and a cloth for him, and tea and a blanket, even tho he was feeling warm.

“You should go back to your room and get in bed!” she said mixing in a large dose of suspicious looking powder into his drink. He didn’t argue with her however, and once he’d had finished drinking, he went back to his room, curling up on the futon, hating this feeling. And he had been supposed to go visit Saitou today. The thoughts didn’t nag him long however, as he fell into a fevered half-asleep state.

Tokio came to his room a while later, tray of food in hand and set it down beside him, believing for the first time the truth about Saitou’s words. Okita was ill, and she felt bad that she had been so suspicious of the boy’s motives for coming here. She put a damp cloth on his forehead chewed her lip, thinking about whether she should go down to the police station and worry her husband over this.
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[11 Jul 2004|08:24pm]

Sano was whistlin okay even though his nose was all broken up and megumi had wrapped a pound of bandages all around it. He was strutting around looking for something to do when he spotted saito down in the springs. He laughed and crept up to where all his clothes were sitting. hey saito! he called, when he had them all in hand. Saito glanced up only annoyed, but then his eyes narrowed and he threatened sano with some words if he didnt put down his stuff. Sano laughed and sprinted away, leaving saitos mouth open and him all naked. thats what you get for breaking my nose, you asshole he muttered, happy to have revenge.
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[11 Jul 2004|05:05pm]

hajime grinned and ran his hands through okita's hair as the boy kissed his stomach. He lifted his head slightly though, making him stop, and ran his rough thumbs down soujis cheeks with an amused smile. He kneeled and gave him a soft kiss. "hai, you're too beautiful to be quiet for.." he said sadly. "such torture.." he rose and, still smiling, shut okita's door, the boy on his knees looking confused. "come see me tomarrow, hai?" he said, walking in defeat towards tokio's chamber.

She and he no longer shared a room, he'd told her he needed quiet when he slept, and that she made snoring noises. She'd been embarrassed, but of course, she didn't, but hajime required his own room, none the less, despite the reasons. She was laying when he opened the door, but sat up, looking surprised he'd come. He sat gently on the edge of her futon. She smiled softly and askd him how his night had been. "hai, hard.. long night.. at the station.." he muttered. Her long black hair was down, her kimono opened slightly as she moved towards him, running her hands up his hard stomach and across his thick shoulders.

"ah, no.. not with a guest in the house.." he said, taking hold of her roaming hands. Her eyes looked off, hurt. "never.." she whispered. Hajime pulled her over and held her, stroking her hair. He laid down with her in this way, until she turned over and cuddled into him, falling asleep.

He stared at the wall he faced, he stared at it for a long time. Just as every night he didn't sleep in his own private room, everynight her hair clung to his sweating chest. He was lying every second he was here.


morning came early, and he was glad for it, as he slipped his arm from under tokio and quickly threw on a simple kimono and grabbed a new work uniform. He had to go to the spriongs this morning and bathe properly, and then another long day of paper work. He felt like his katana was becoming for show only.
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